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Best ladies Hostels in Bangalore

As students are coming to Bangalore for studies as well as jobs and they need to stay there, that is why best PG in Bangalore are available with all the services and suits the budget of any person. These hostels have expertise in providing all the services and do all the things in the best way. All amenities such as living in a comfortable area, same sort of care and committed to the household.  Moreover, it provides a high level of satisfaction to the tenants and safety which is the primary concern.

Some of the other associated facilities provided by the best PG for couples in Bangalore. Let us discuss all these amenities in detail below:

Air Conditioning: Everyone is aware of the fact that Bangalore is pretty hot in the summer days. Moreover, humidity crosses the limits of hotness and making every day of the summer season more …

What Does the Latest Land Registry House Price Data Reveal?

Latest figures from the Land Registry make for interesting reading; in this article we take a look at what the figures mean for house buyers and sellers in the UK.

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On the Up

There is good news for house prices! Since the December 2019 election, prices have increased throughout the UK – mainly due to a more settled economic set up – for the first time in 24 months. These Land Registry prices equate to an increase of 2.2 per cent during election month, an increase of 1.7 per cent on the previous month. Indeed, December’s price increase was the first month this had happened since February 2018.

Facts and Figures

Property experts – including conveyancing solicitors London – are now seeing house prices £5000 higher than in December 2018, with the average price confirmed as £235,000. This figure can be broken down as follows: £252,000 in England, …